Fun and safety in Valkenburg


Valkenburg aan de Geul is a pleasant municipality in Limburg. It’s a versatile city, hosting many events around the year. The Amstel Gold Race might be the best known, but Christmas Town Valkenburg also attracts loads of visitors every year. It basically means 52 days of Christmas. You can find Christmas markets in the city center, but also in the marl caves of Valkenburg.

Many parties are involved when it comes to safety during these events. And because events are spread out over a large area – or even across different locations – it can be challenging to keep an overview. That’s why the municipality asked us to help.

Questions from Valkenburg a/d Geul

  • How do you ensure that all parties involved at the various locations have the correct information at all times?
  • How do you ensure that everyone involved has the correct scenario’s for calamities?
  • How can we make sure that all actions derived from safety plans and risk analysis are carried out in time?
  • What’s an easy way to register reports, incidents and calamities?
  • How do we collect management information for evaluation?

Our solution

We’ve been working with the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul for quite a few years now. During our collaboration we’ve expanded our support step by step. The city is now using our safety software at all major events.

All events supported by our safety software

Christmas Town Valkenburg is a good example. Various events taking place simultaneously. And all of which are supported by our safety software. We developed several environments in which employees can find all the information they need: general information, but also scenario’s for bad weather or an emergency.

Your role determines which environments you have access to. Some employees can access all of them, others just one or two. It makes no difference to the user, because all available environments come together in a single app. Very handy. And to make it even easier, all tasks for different events are collected in the same app. Which means you never have to switch.

‘Thanks to Safesight, we no longer have to call each other again and again. You just send the task and it priority through the app. The platform provides direct insight into who should do what and what has not been picked up yet. This kind of overview provides certainty and peace of mind.’
Marlie Vrösch-Senden (Team Leader municipality Valkenburg aan de Geul)

Information management in the event of an emergency or crisis

At the the command room, the emergency room and the crisis room, all information comes together in a clear summary. On several dashboards the project organization can see exactly if and where something needs adjustment. And in the event of an emergency or crisis, the organization can raise alarm right away.

Is the event over? Export functions allow you to see how projects have progressed at the touch of a button. How often were the emergency exits not free? How many complaints were received? Were there any calamities? And how much? This allows the organization to continuously improve. Not only during evaluation at the end of the project, but each and every day.

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