Safesight is available via the browser and an app and consists of a cloud-based logbook, a briefing tool, a task management system and more.

Detailed logbook with incident reports available in real-time via browser and app (for authorized users). Clients receive a full report (in Excel) at bespoken times.

Via the app users always have access to the most up-to-date information: instructions, protocols, maps, scenarios, logbook, personal check lists, etc.

Send instructions (‘to do’ or ‘to know’) to all users, to groups or to individual users of the app. Authorized users are able also sent instructions directly from the organizations log.

Send your returning tasks and instructions at pre-set times automatically from Safesight’s database.

Collect valuable management information by providing logbook items and taks with an incident code and location.

Via several dashboards authorized users have real time insight into the (operational) data from the logbook, the status of the tasks, the status of the numerous predetermined risks and more.

Which positions play a crucial role in the (safety) organization and how are they briefed accordingly? What is expected of them in which scenario? Users only see the information tailored to their role in the organization.

Evaluation, damage, first aid forms (and others) are completed via the app and subsequently digitally processed.

All users of the Safesight app visible on a dashboard – optionally based on geofencing.

Want to alert the entire (emergency response) organization in one click? For this, Safesight offers an alarm function based on GPS and geofencing. Alerting consists of an app notification, a text message and an automated telephone call.

Which actions must be excecuted by whom in which scenario – for example during an evacuation of the event? These scenarios are available via the log and thus is the organization able to log the excecuted actions immediately (expected Q2 ’21).

Via the camera of the phone, data processed in a QR code can be registered directly into the Safesight logbook (incl. GPS position).

Work within 1 environment – simultaneously – on all current projects: events, municipal enforcers, control room, crisis teams, etc.

Via our CMS clients manage all content and users.

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