Safety cards, logbook, task management and more…

1. Safety cards

With the Safesight app, every stakeholder will have up-to-date information on their phone: briefing, (safety) plans or maps, personalized to-do lists, etc.

2. Cloud based logbook

In the logbook all notifications, actions and issues related to the safety and continuity of an organization are registered. This can be done with a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The logbook is saved to ‘the cloud’. This enables management to monitor real-time what’s happening in the organization.

3. Tasks

All required information to do a safe job – including all tasks of all parties involved – is made accessible via our software. The several ‘to do’s or ‘to knows’ will be send periodically from our database to all users of the app.

4. Dashboards

Via several dashboards management has real time insight into the (operational) data from the logbook, tasks and the status of the numerous predetermined risks.