In three steps we help clients improve their safety organization


1. Map your safety organization

Together with our client, we first will take a close look at the organization and processes. This includes the resilience of the organization: in what way is it organized during a calamity? Who is responsible for what? Who informs whom? All the roles, responsibilities and tasks of everyone involved are defined and mapped out.

2. Organize your safety with Safesight

Next, the several roles, responsibilities and tasks are assigned to the people working in the organization. Naturally, they will be briefed and trained accordingly. From that moment on users will accept their responsibilities and tasks via the Safesight app before the start of their service. Now everyone is aware of what is expected of them – also in case of an emergency.


3. Improve continuously

All information and reports are stored in our system so our clients build a database with valuable management information. By delivering management reports on a regular basis, we help organizations to share knowledge, learn lessons and thus to continuously improve their organization.