In Control Software

Safesight makes sure that employees, suppliers, partners, volunteers
and other parties know and implement your plans, protocols and agreements.
And when an incident or crisis does occur?
Safesight helps to act predictable, efficient and safe.

Why Safesight?

Always Up-to-date
Latest information, instructions, floor map, etc. continuously available via app.
Cloud-based log
Detailed log with incident reports available in real-time via browser and app.
Digital forms
Create your own forms that are filled in and processed via the app.
Role specific information
Information perfectly matched to your position within the organization.
GPS & geofencing
All users of the app visible on a dashboard - optionally based on geofencing.
Data can be processed quickly via QR codes.
Personal check lists
Send instructions to users of the app. Recurring tasks can be sent automatically at pre-set times from our database.
Check-in for staff
Is staff present? All critical positions fulfilled?
Additional projects
Safesight offers a solution for multiple projects and several types of events.
Management has real-time insight into all operational data through various dashboards.
Emergency call
Alarm the entire organization in one click (based on geofencing).
Data collection
Use incident codes and locations for future analysis and improvements!