Safety management software

Safesight makes sure that employees, suppliers, partners, volunteers
and other parties know and implement your safety plans, protocols and agreements.
And when incidents do occur?
Safesight helps to act predictable, efficient and safe.

Why Safesight?

Up-to-date information
Latest version of the safety plan, instructions, floor map, etc. continuously available via app.
Personal task list on your phone
Most important tasks (to do's & to knows) always on top of your personal task list.
Cloud based logbook
All notifications, actions and issues available real-time via browser and app.
Role specific briefings
Information perfectly matched to your position within the organization.
Tasks database
Send instructions at preset times automatically from our database.
Send messages directly from the logbook
Work quickly and effectively and have all actions logged.
Detailed guidelines for specific scenario’s
What do I need to do in case of an evacuation, bad weather, calamity, etc.?
Real-time monitoring
An accurate overview on your (safety) organization at any time of the day.
Data collection
For future analysis and improvements.