Our story

A simple mission, an important job

We believe that you can start improving safety starting now. That you can make an immediate difference. Every step – no matter how small – contributes directly to increased safety.

Our platform helps you do just that.

How? Read more.

By creating the most practical and easy-to-use platform available, we enable organizations to work more safely, more efficiently and better together. And we do so within 30 minutes, when the logbook is ready for use and the first logs are created.

Our platform ensures that all employees, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders know and are able to implement (safety) plans and agreements. Demonstrably! And if an incident or calamity does occur? Then Safesight enables organizations to act decisively, efficiently and safely.

Safesight makes safety tangible and instantly insightful. This is how we help organisations to continuously learn, share knowledge and improve safety.

Originated from the world of festivals

Safesight originated from our background as a safety officer at music festivals. The platform has now been further developed from a ‘festival app’ to a complete cloud-based platform that safeguards all safety processes within organizations in a simple and accessible manner.

Nowadays we put our experiences from the world of festivals into practice at conference centers, stadiums, security organizations, governments, construction companies and more.

We believe that organizations can immediately start improving their safety. Every step – no matter how small – directly contributes to greater safety. Safesight helps with that.