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The most practical and user-friendly software platform that helps event organizers to work more safely, efficiently and better together.

‘Safesight helps us to bring our safety plans and agreements to ‘life’ within our organization. Before the event starts, everyone knows exactly what is expected of them.
And not only during the event, but also when situations such as bad weather or an evacuation are expected. Safesight helps our team to maintain control at any given time.’

Douk Vos, Production manager Dekmantel Festival

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All involved demonstrably instructed
Send instructions to users of the app. Recurring tasks can be sent automatically at pre-set times from our database.
Overview: all projects in 1 environment
Work within 1 environment - simultaneously - on all current projects: the event, control room, campings, crisis team, etc.
Improve your organization
Collect data and use the reports for the development of your organization and for new projects.
Always up-to-date
Latest information, instructions, protocols, maps, logbook, personal check list, etc. continuously available via app.
More efficient and fewer meetings
Dashboards provide real-time insight into all operational processes: the logbook, status of executed actions, the risks and more.
Increase learning capacity
Structural safeguarding of information increases the learning capacity of the organization. Within the event and in the long term!
Manage risks: fewer incidents
100% safeguarding of actions, tasks, checks following from the risk analysis and safety plans.
Less administration: save!
Create reports in one click - for example for evaluation with your partners.
Avoid unnecessary costs
Identify possible incidents at an early stage and avoid unnecessary unexpected costs.