Start today for a safe tomorrow

Safety is a basic need

Safety seems like an even greater good at the moment, but of course it has always been a basic need. At home, outside, on the road. Safety at work.

However, when organizing safety within organizations, other priorities often set the agenda. Safety is quickly made very big. So big, in fact, that organizations become paralyzed to start working on it in a tangible way: policies have to be developed, external expertise brought in, meetings organized, plans made and discussed.

While day-to-day operations – including all challenges – continue as usual, a year flies by in a flash. Without any tangible steps being taken.

Ensuring a safe (working) environment is indeed no easy task. But of course, an incident or calamity does not wait until everything is well organized.

Immediate start, immediate difference

We believe that you can start improving safety right away. That you can make an immediate difference. Every step – no matter how small – contributes directly to increased safety and improved safety awareness. Start today for a safe tomorrow.

‘Start today for a safe tomorrow’ is what we propagate. We strive for a change in beliefs and behaviour: don’t delay, start right now. Safety does not wait. Of course, there are always reasons not to address certain issues yet. But usually so many more reasons to pick them up as soon as possible. Regardless of whether you have a comprehensive safety policy or a professional safety organization. Our platform helps you do just that.

Safety tangible and insightful

Our mission: by creating the most practical and user-friendly platform available, we enable organizations to work more safely, efficiently and better together. And we do this within just 30 minutes, once the log is operational and the first logs are created.

Our platform ensures that all employees, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders know and can implement the (safety) plans and agreements. Demonstrably. And if an incident or calamity occurs? Then Safesight enables organizations to act decisively, efficiently and safely.

Safesight helps make safety tangible and immediately transparent. With the accumulated data, clients build a valuable database with management information – thus helping organizations to continuously learn, share knowledge and improve their safety.

Why can we promise this?

Safesight originated from our background as safety officers at music festivals. This background makes us a bit of the odd one out in the world of safety. We are the new kids – but with a lot of experience.

Any organization working on projects benefits from our background. Because users quickly feel at home with our solution and thus quickly get to work on their responsibilities. And because our platform can be implemented in a short period of time – without large implementation projects and expensive consultancy.

Since our start, safesight has evolved into a complete cloud-based platform that safeguards all safety processes within organizations in a simple and accessible manner. We now put our experience into daily practice at convention centres, stadiums, security organisations, governments, construction companies and many more.

More information?

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Photo by Tim Buiting