Everything under control in De Kuip


De Kuip is the home stadium of football club Feyenoord. It ‘s also one of the home grounds of the Dutch national football team. The annual Cup Final takes place here as well, as do a lot of concerts and other events.

The stadium can accommodate 50,000 visitors. At events with that many people, solid preparation and a well-oiled operation are of vital importance. That’s why Feyenoord was looking for a platform that could support the organization during competitions, events and daily affairs.

Questions from Feyenoord

  • How do we inform everyone about the safety plan, evacuation plan and current points of attention in the run-up to an event?
  • How do we ensure that employees report issues, incidents and calamities in a uniform manner and can instantly share them?
  • How do we ensure that all mandatory checks and actions have been completed before the stadium opens?
  • How can we improve communication between the command room and other departments when an event is in progress?
  • How can we take mutual communication in the command room to a higher level?
  • How can we ensure that the radio network is exclusively used for urgent matters?

Our solutions

Feyenoord has various environments for daily operations: one for stadium De Kuip, one for Varkenoord and one for 1908. Reception, emergency response team and the safety department are all connected to these environments. Management is able to send out instructions and information using personal task lists. These can be ad hoc tasks, but also regular checks that employees have to perform every day.

From evacuation plan to emergency response

Tasks are automatically sent to the right people. They get a notification in the Safesight app to remind them. Not only does the apps list the tasks of all employees, it also offers all information that’s important for their role.

Various blueprints are available for the organization of the events: one for football matches, one for concerts and one for other events. Each blueprint has its own set up. The specific information about the event is also translated into the app. Therefore, all parties involved always have the up-to-date points of attention, maps and accreditation overviews.
‘Safesight helps us to share all important information about a match day with our employees. During matches of Feyenoord 1, but also during matches of the national team and all concerts and events organized in our stadium.’
Bernard Gerritsma, Safety & Security Manager Feyenoord
Various dashboards provide an overview of the organization: which sectors aren’t ready for opening yet? Which areas need more attention? And are the escape routes and emergency exits checked?

Solid information management, even during a crisis

Once an event is in progress, the command room is the beating heart of De Kuip. All operational matters are registered in a cloud-based log in a clear and uniform manner. And if necessary, the command room is able to quickly share information with all departments.

Employees with the right authorization can access the log through their app. This way they’re always informed about what’s going on in and around the stadium. Wherever they are. They can also easily register notifications themselves. If necessary, they can upload a photo too. This way, the command room has eyes and ears everywhere. And because all non-urgent matters are recorded in the log, employees only use the radio network for things that needs immediate attention.

We believe that organizations can immediately start improving their safety. Every step – no matter how small – directly contributes to greater safety. Safesight helps with that.