New client: PROFI-SEC Security Group!

PROFI-SEC Security Events has been using Safesight for years. Recently, the collaboration has been expanded by supporting the entire PROFI-SEC Security Group, and now the platform is successfully being used within two large educational institutions, a number of large retailers and PROFI-SEC’s subsidiary SureCare.

Director Melvin Reingoud: “Safeguarding safety is our core activity and the Safesight platform helps us to make this specific and measaruble. For example, with the app with which we can continuously provide our people with the most up-to-date object information, instructions and agreements. Or the logbook in which all incidents, identified facts, the method of handling and other details are registered. Tasks (to do & to know) can be sent and monitored by means of the task management system. With Safesight we are therefore even better able to provide our services efficiently, measurably and transparently.”

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