Building a safe construction site with BAM Infra


The SUNIJ-line is a city tram that runs between Utrecht, Nieuwegein and IJsselstein. In 2020 it gets an update: larger trams, longer stops and part of the tracks will be renewed too.
BAM Infra Rail BV takes on the implementation of the project. Safety is number one at BAM. The company is always looking for ways to make construction sites even safer. The construction of the SUNIJ-line is no exception. A major project where builders work around 23 stops at the same time. Together with BAM, we took a look at whether things could be safer. And easier.

Questions from BAM Infra

  • How do we keep an overview of all events happening on the construction sites? And how do we quickly link actions to these events?
  • How do we ensure that all stakeholders continuously receive the most recent updates?
  • How do we ensure that employees are able to report and share details on the construction site in a simple manner?
  • How do we know that everyone who works at a stop has accepted the safety instructions?
  • How do we get a real-time overview of who’s working at which stop?

Our solution

The SUNIJ line has 23 stops that are divided into four trails. We’ve set up a specific software environment for each trail. Employees working on a specific trail receive the exact amount of information they need. They only have access to environments relevant to them. This way we keep it clear for everybody.

To ensure safety during such a large construction project, inspection rounds are needed at a regular basis. When it’s time to make a round, inspectors get reminded in the app. They also get notifications when they receive other safety related reports.

Risk management insights

Clear dashboards show which tasks have already been completed and which are still open. Thus stakeholders have a real-time overview of the different construction sites. Is there an increased risk somewhere? The organization sees it at a glance on the risk management dashboard.
‘The key to a successful project lies in good preparation, an organization focused on cooperation and clear communication flows from a single building coordination center. The Safesight platform supports us in achieving this. In day-to-day situations, but also in the event of an incident or calamity.’
Coen van Veen, Execution manager SUNIJ

Safety preparations

Everybody entering the construction site receives a code from whoever is responsible for the daily safety instruction. This way BAM knows for certain that everybody actually gets the instructions. If employees have accepted all information, protocols and measures available in the Safesight app, they can check in at one of the pre-set construction locations. BAM is able to track specific people via GPS tracking. For example, the different supervisors responsible for a specific site. Reports of dangerous situations, malfunctions, damage, complaints from the neighborhood: everything is registered in a log. Systematic and immediately transparent. These reports make the foundation on which new policy is build. This policy is immediately translated to concrete tasks. This enables BAM to improve continuously. And that’s exactly what this ambitious construction company wants.

We believe that organizations can immediately start improving their safety. Every step – no matter how small – directly contributes to greater safety. Safesight helps with that.