Safesight and COVID-19

In the near future, the imposed COVID-19 measures will be scaled down somewhat. The questions now are of course: how do you prepare your organization for this new situation? How do you ensure that you have met all mandatory protocols and requirements? And how to prove this?

Check-inSafesight ensures that all stakeholders demonstrably know and can implement the various Corona protocols, plans and agreements. For example by using the information provided via the app, a clear and user-friendly task management system and the cloud-based logbook.

New release

And with a number of new functionalities – including the check-in functionality. A clear dashboard shows who is working at which location and whether he / she has accepted the various protocols.

More information?

Do you want to know more about how Safesight can support your organization to safeguard all Corona measures? Please contact us or download our one-page.