New release May

With the new release, clients are optimally equipped to ensure that all stakeholders involved know and can implement your protocols, plans and agreements.


1. Check-in: who is working at which location?

Via the Safesight app, employees can – after accepting all information, protocols and instructions in the app – check themselves in at one of the preset locations.

Think of a building, a construction site or a certain attraction. A registration dashboard has been developed for organizations that prefer to check in employees themselves – for example via a registration desk.

A dashboard then shows which employee is present at which location. Is there a mandatory number of employees that must be present at a location? The dashboard gives users a precise overview of whether the organization is compliant.


2. GPS tracking (with emergency response option)

When the GPS module is switched on, the users of the app are clearly displayed on a map. This function works on the basis of Geofencing: users are only shown when they are positioned within a certain area.

Does a user have a role in the emergency response organization? This is visible through the dashboard. Just like the number of ER officers present. So also in the event of an incident or emergency, clients can optimally manage their emergency organization with Safesight.


3. QR-code support


Via the Safesight camera, data processed in a QR code can be registered directly in the log. For example, various locations at the RAI Amsterdam are marked with a QR code. And they have added a QR code to the supplier badges in which the details of the supplier have been processed.

4. Forms

When forms are regularly used within an organization – for example for evaluations, claims, emergency response registrations – our form functionality is the perfect solution. Forms can be filled in via the Safesight app , after which the results will be sent directly to an email address of your choice.


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