IBIT and Safesight join forces to make events even safer

A professional safety organization is the key to a successful event. Safety always is a shared responsibility, so thorough preparation and clarity about roles, responsibilities and tasks are crucial. To help organizations safeguard their knowledge and skills into their daily practice, German Training Centre for Crowd & Safety Management IBIT and Dutch safety management platform Safesight are joining forces.

Sabine Funk, managing director IBIT: “Organizing an event requires comprehensive practical competencies of everyone professionally involved. The current COVID-19 crisis gives us unprecedented examples of the skills needed to pull off a safe event. Our mission is to further professionalize and standardize the event safety industry by introducing innovative education- and safety concepts. That’s where Safesight comes in. It’s a logical and very welcome addition to our team. Their platform allows our clients to easily implement all agreements, regulations and safety plans into their daily practice.”

The right time 

The partnership between IBIT and Safesight couldn’t have come at better time. Imposed COVID-19 measures are scaled down slowly and also events will be allowed again soon. As with all safety measures, this raises a couple of questions. How does an organization prepare for events? How do you inform and involve all stakeholders? How do you ensure that you meet all protocols and requirements and keep them up to date? And how do you prove you’ve ticked all the boxes? All these procedural and organizational issues can be solved with the knowledge and experience of IBIT and the Safesight safety management platform.

Edo Haan, founder and CEO of Safesight: “It’s our mission to develop the most practical, hassle-free safety management platform available. In four years, we’ve grown from an “app for music festivals” to a complete cloud-based platform that safeguards all safety processes within organizations in a simple, accessible way. Next to events and festivals, we also support convention centers, stadiums, governments and construction companies. Combined with the knowledge and experience of a renowned organization like IBIT, our platform enables organizations to demonstrably organize safe and successful events.”

More information?

Interested what Safesight and IBIT can offer your organization? Please contact us via +31 20 2615 081 or via our contact page.