New client: Safesight will support rallies (KNAF)

In the coming years, Safesight will be used to support the rallies organized under the auspices of the KNAF. Also this weekend when the Vechtdal Rally takes place in region of Hardenberg!

With Safesight, all those involved have access to the most up-to-date (safety) information via their app. And via our task management system all (pre race) tasks and checks are plotted and monitored. The cloud based log is used to register all notifications, actions and issues related to the safety and continuity of the rally. Safesight supports race control to know in real-time what is happening at the event and helps them collect data for future analysis and improvements!

More information?

Interested what Safesight can offer your organization? Please contact us via +31 20 2615 081 or via our contact page.